Sustainable construction

Development of sustainable construction buildings can be achieved through increased share of wood-based materials when constructing family-houses and multi-story buildings. It requires novel building concepts and innovative construction methods. Wood based products can also be used in house and office interiors, for intrinsic environmental and health aspects. All these areas of innovation must be rooted in the forestry value chain. It will signify innovation in forest management to supply the needed qualities, shapes sizes, structural properties etc. Public perception and environmental friendliness will play a key role in development of this sector, but it is not only wood that sells - there is a need for holistic solutions on sustainable construction that will convince both the technicians and the end-userd. The need for developing harmonized methods for monitoring the carbon-pools in construction wood products can be envisaged.


Activities in the RoK-FOR project emphasised the need to be proactive, i.e. to participate in the normative processes, develop energy and construction solutions together instead of addressing these two sectors separately, and promote networking as means to increase business agility to adapt into changing world.


Research and development work is ongoing in the RoK-FOR regions:

- The MettiWoodSci project is an example of cooperation between the university (University of Eastern Finland) and forest research institute (METLA) combining expertise, research and education in the fields of bio-energy and construction (more information in Finnish)

WoodTech (Interreg SUDOE project, Nove.2012 – Dec.2014)


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